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Seattle, WA | Bay Area, CA | World Wide
Specialties: Creative Lighting Expert for Weddings, Engagements & Portraits
Ben B Nguyen

My Background:

Ben B. Nguyen is an Internationally recognized award winning photographer that is based out of Seattle, WA.

I’ve always had a knack for seeing art in everyday things. In high school, I was artist of the year. In College I studied business, drawing, painting, graphics design and Art history. Today, my education and my life long fascination with art have been applied to my Photography business.

The Style & Approach:

I don’t have true label to the way I shoot photos. My strongest attribute is how I frame the subject and how I can anticipate the best moments during the wedding. That comes naturally now after almost a decade of photography.

During the bridal sessions I’m always scanning for interesting parts of the environment to incorporate into the shot.  It could be windy staircase, a simple reflection or some random lamp on the street. The technique is a combination of photojournalism, strobism, and a bit of Vogue.

For wedding day coverage, I do ask that you schedule at least 2hrs+ for the formal bridal session. This is really where the magic happens when I get to flex my creativity and create the images that WOW your family and friends.

Who am I:

I’m happily married with a super supportive wife and 2 incredibly awesome boys.

I love to out in the garden and probably have one of the largest fig collections in Seattle at 255 varieties.

I like the idea of making something from nothing. Perhaps it’s the inventor in me. If I didn’t have photography to keep me busy, I would most likely be throwing clay pots or creating images out of nails. Doesn’t matter what medium I just need a creative outlet.

My Philosophy on Photography:

I consider photography a visual form of communication. With every photo, I hope to encapsulate the feeling and emotion of the moment the photo was taken. I’m a very easy going person and believe in doing quality artwork for my clients. It is also important for me to vibe and get along with my couples.  Taking photos should be a “fun” activity and not a chore.  When it’s fun, the best photos and most genuine emotions are captured. I am still great friends with a number of my former clients. After the wedding, I want you to feel like I was an extension of your bridal party.

What do I shoot with:

I use Canon cameras and professional grade “L” lens to ensure the sharpest images. My backup is the same as my main camera, to ensure that I do not miss a single moment of your very important day.

I’ve also incorporated film cameras to parts of my coverage. I love the look of film. The differences are subtle but very lovely. Contax 645, Mamiya 645, Canon EOS 1v, Canon G-III QL 35mm Canonet QL17 Camera, Holga’s and Diana Cameras as well.

Feel free to inquire about adding a few rolls of film to your wedding day coverage.

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